Current State

A nation wrapped in warm blankets, But discontent, Given sentries and servants, But fearful, Shown the horrors of other places, But complains. What can be done about such Spoiled children, When they are as was hoped For them.

So I broke my hand…

The main one, my right hand, five weeks ago. A fifth metacarpal break, also known as a “boxer’s fracture.” The damage amounted to just shy of needing surgery; anymore of an angle, anymore of a displacement, and I’d have needed pins and screws. Able to type properly again, blogging can continue.

Unending Hunger

How long can it be kept away, Warmth down my stomach between My thighs, how long before the call To the end of unending hunger, When every hip pulls and Eyes lock and breasts press A new starvation through the Length of time since last Feeding, and each new hot Want newer than the cold … More Unending Hunger


Yesterday’s sunrise was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen. Clouds covered all the sky but a slit along the eastern horizon, and they turned from deep orange to yellow as the fiery orb peeked over the mountains, coloring even the distant downpours waterfalling along the north and west. Soon two rainbows appeared, … More Sunrise


A cycle of anger turning round and round, Resolution’s dam built and broke over again, Filling a lake with forgiveness, Only to release a flood of revenge. Somehow turn away. Somehow let it stay. – When right is right and blazing white hot, Ready to burn the wrong tinder away, What keeps the fire back, … More Incensed